Hello from Michigan / Hallo aus Michigan

Hello from Michigan / Hallo aus Michigan

21.03.2014 06:02


I wanted to post a long time ago, since I met everybody on my visit during the summertime.

In Michigan, we had a very difficult winter. Only now are things beginning to reveal themselves and only now is the snow finally disappearing.

I would like to share a picture of my Yucca nana that I purchased from a nursery in Oregon last year. The photograph is here:


I will have more to share and discuss as the snow melts!

Best regards,

Mike Hector

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  • MHector
    05.04.2014 15:59

    Hallo Thomas, Jordi, René,

    I was away last weekend, else I would have responded sooner. Spring has arrived here as of last weekend, I would say. The weather is nowhere as nice as there in Germany this year, but at least all the snow is gone and I can see the beautiful brown earth.

    I lost a few Opuntia that I acquired from a local plant sale last September. And I am not sure about my Cupressus glabra 'Blue ice'. The Arizona Cypress turned from a beautiful shade of blue to brown during the very last "polar vortex" visit. But the good news is that all the yuccas seem fine.

    I took an inventory of my yuccas so that I could share the information with you folks here. But the most interesting ones are the ones that Jordi shared with me. I am anxious to plant them in the garden and track the progress. Also, it will be interesting to see how the fare here in Michigan compared to Germany. It will be something we can discuss and enjoy over the coming months.

    I also will be taking trips to Arizona and possibly Utah. Jordi, you were looking for particular yucca seeds and plants here "stateside". So we can discuss that, too.

    Regarding collecting seeds, I will explore to see what I can do in that regard as well. They are somewhat difficult to find now that they have all fallen out of the seed pods and to the ground. I was in Sedona last weekend and I found a few seeds of the Yucca elata in the soil, but I was not sure of their viability. I must find out what is OK to collect and what is not, also. Please let me know if you have tips or advice regarding that. I would love to share what I can.

    Happy weekend - schönes Wochenende!

    Mike aka "Miguel"

  • 21.03.2014 22:15

    Hello Mike
    Thank you for the nice photo with your Yucca nana a very beautiful plant.
    You are still Snow.Yesterday we had 24 degrees in the shade here in Germany.
    I wish you an early spring
    Best regards to Michigan René

  • Juergen B.
    21.03.2014 15:53

    Hi Mike,

    nicely to hear from you here! Thanx for sharing the shot from the little vanquisher of your last difficult arctic winter in MI!

    Your little Y. nana looks truly great after such an horror killer winter how you had it. Good luck with your pretty dwarf yucca!

    Well here we had rather a non-winter-winter. But probably you had this time to bear the inconvenience!

    BR Jordi

  • ThomasB
    21.03.2014 07:09

    Hi Mike,

    thank you for sharing the picture of your yucca nana.
    We don´t have winter this year in germany! Yesterday we have temeratures about 22° C
    We look foreward for your next pics :-)


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