Michigan Cactus and Succulent Newsletter - question for the Yucca club

Michigan Cactus and Succulent Newsletter - question for the Yucca club

12.02.2016 01:40

Hello, dear folks of the Yucca site,

The Michigan Cactus and Succulent Society named me as the new editor of the monthly newsletter. May I write an article about the Yucca website here? Also, this appointment is indefinite. So I will be looking for more material/information for future editions of the newsletter. I am honored to have visited the Darmstadt gardens and to have met so many wonderful folks of this club. May I share my experiences with the Michigan club? And if you have ideas or content that you would like to share, I will do my very best to include that in our monthly newsletters.

Sharing is caring! :D

Thanks much, and best wishes on cacti and succulent gardening,

Mike H.

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  • klausw.56
    22.08.2016 16:03

    Hola Miguel

    I don't know if you already published an article about the yucca collection in Darmstadt in your monthly newsletter. Please tell me if you need pics of our 'yucca hill' or the plants we're growing.

    best wishes


  • Sascha
    16.02.2016 11:25

    Hi Mike , please add the two links for your imagination ( Yucca IG and forum )



    Kind regards

  • ThomasB
    13.02.2016 15:26

    Yes, Mike, you´re welcome, to introduce this website and the website of the yucca-ig for your club in Michigan
    If you need more information or translations please ask us.


  • Juergen B.
    12.02.2016 23:06

    Hi Mike,

    nice to hear from you!

    Klaus has it been pinpointed already! This is indeed a great idea, and I am convinced that you are doing your best, and you'll have good ideas! We would like to support you you!

    At the website of the Michigan Cactus and Succulent Society, Hhowever, unfortunately can not be seen too much.
    It would be really great if we could make interesting articles there, or here available anyway!.-)

    Cordial greetings to Michigan,


  • klausw.56
    12.02.2016 07:25

    Hi Mike

    feel free to post any information about our group to The Michigan Cactus and Succulent Society's newsletter I'd love to see more teamwork between our groups

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